EasyAD is a simple .NET component which can query Active Directory users and returns all found details.

It can connect to any network using Active Directory and it needs only basic AD knowledge.

It is a component, so it cannot be used as an application. It needs to built in to an existing (or under development) application, to extend it's functionality.

It's easy to build in, you need only two lines of code to have it.

The component can connect to a given AD or automatically to the first found AD in the RootDSE of the network.


  • .NET Framework 2.0 or newer
  • Active Directory
  • read right to the Active Directory


  • machine based: 1.000 HUF (~ 4 USD)
  • company based: 15.000 HUF (~ 60 USD)
  • code based: 90.000 HUF (~ 360 USD)

The prices are excluding VAT and please check our detailed license plans.