StatEngine Excel

The StatEngine Excel is a .NET component, which can be used in any .NET based application.

It takes Excel based templates and fills out with data taken from various data sources. It supports MS SQL database, but easily can be extended to use any database which has an ADO.NET provider, or any other data source, using the data interface of StatEngine Excel.

The result is readable with MS Excel.

It is a component, so it cannot be used as an application. It needs to built in to an existing (or under development) application, to extend it's functionality.

The usage is simply, the basics are working with only three lines of code.


  • .NET Frameworl 2.0 or newer
  • MS SQL database
  • Office 2003 for creating the templates
  • UTF compatible text editor to place the SQL expressions (Notepad is not recommended)
  • Office 2003 or newer or ExcelViewer to open the result Excel file


  • machine based: 2.500 HUF (~ 10 USD)
  • company based: 50.000 HUF (~ 200 USD)
  • code based: 150.000 HUF (~ 600 USD)

The prices are excluding VAT and please check our detailed license plans.